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    Global Roofing and Restoration - Melbourne's choice in roof restoration professionals

    Our roofing restoration service and repairs include but are not limited to:

    • Free quote
    • Free on-site inspection
    • Discovery and fixing of any problem
    • Detection and fixing of any leak, guaranteed
    • Complete re-roofing; removing damaged roofs, rebuilding new roof with higher standards, newest techniques and current quality products.
    • High pressure cleaning to remove any kind of dirt, debris and moss from roofs and homes.
    • Gutter cleaning, repair and replacement
    • Custom cartpentry work associated with roof, gutter and/or home
    • Chimney repairs
    Roofing and Restoration Services in Melbourne

    Tip: Never pay to replace it if you can restore it

    We can offer long term quality fixes performed by experienced and professionals who can detect and fix any leaky roof, guaranteed. Want free advice from honest specialist? Contact us today! 

    Tip: Have regular scheduled roof maintenance done

    Having regularly scheduled maintenance on your roof can prevent you from having your roof restored earlier than necessary. Regular maintenance can catch small issues before they become a big issues! 


    Roof Restoration

    Roofing Repairs

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